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this is about my project

Alright so, this section isn't complete yet. The site as it exists now is to show how I plan to structure the display case I am making for my work. There will be a launch page that will lead to a 10-ish page preview of my work and then lead to a place to purchase/support the work. There's a lot I want to change aesthetically, but that will be a process of small changes I make along side creating the actual work. I mean, white text on a black background is not my favorite look, but it works for now.

This About page will serve as an explanation of how Tommy Lin came to be. Here I will talk about the program, explain how this is my thesis, as well as talk about what the story actually is. I'll be recycling a lot of talking points from my pitch probably. There might be more to say here, and there will be some images to spruce things up, but that's pretty much it. For now have some Lorem Ispum

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